Bexplus review: key features

Bexplus sticks to its niche, offering nothing more and nothing less than margin trading. Its notable features include:

An interest-bearing wallet that allows you to earn up to 30% additional annual income as long as you are an active trader and own more than a set amount. A 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit, up to 10 BTC, for a more relaxed approach to trading that could also lead to much higher profits. A fully functional mobile app that allows you to turn on notifications so you can stay on top of your business game wherever you are. A demo trading account If you want to get more familiar with the platform or even the trading strategy itself, with 10 BTC for risk-free trading. A privacy-oriented platform that doesn’t enforce KYC controls, which means you can protect your privacy. Simple and easy-to-understand step-by-step guides in its Help Center covering everything from operations to simple deposits or withdrawals. An elegant interface that is easy on the eye, but does not exclude any important information.