Crypto Market Sentiment Breaks Down Streak, BTC and ETH in Positive Zone

After several weeks of consecutive declines, cryptocurrency market sentiment has improved slightly, and is again above the 5 score. The 7-day average mobile crypto market sentiment score (sentscore) for top ten crypto assets is now from 5.17, up from the last 4.8 weeks, based on data provided by market sentiment analysis service Omenics.
The top ten list looks a lot greener this week, which wasn’t that difficult to pull off, given it was completely red this time last week. Now, all but two coins have seen their respective sentscores rise. Three coins battled for first place, with their score scores fairly close to each other, but ultimately XRP won, becoming this week’s list leader and overall winner (14%), followed by uniswap’s 13th ( UNI). %, as well as 13% of the USD currency (USDC). Other currencies have seen single-digit increases, the highest being 9% for cardano (ADA), which precedes tether (USDT) by almost 7%. Meanwhile, bitcoin (BTC) is up almost 6%, ethereum (ETH) 5% and binance coin (BNB) 2%.
Looking at this week’s red coins, Omenics shows that polkadot (DOT) and algorand (ALGO) are down 4%.

When it comes to sentscores in the positive zone, there is also green news on that front: BTC and ETH are back in that zone (6). More coins also have scores above 5, while BNB remains the only coin in the negative zone, although its score has also seen an increase from 3.6 to 3.8.